Contact Us

Mailing Address
Student Organization Resource Center
Atlanta, GA 30332

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
Phone:(404) 894-2444

President Alexandria Venison STAC
Vice President Courtney McCormick Biomedical Engineering
Secretary Quincy Robbins Biomedical Engineering
Treasurer Myla Ruffin Chemical Engineering
Parliamentarian Mohammed Washim Electrical Engineering
Membership Norquata Allen Aerospace Engineering
Finance DeAndre Hagler Computer Science
Programs Traci Thomason Aerospace Engineering
Academic Excellence Michelle Bowen-Fleming Biomedical Engineering
PCI Maya Carrasquillo Environmental Engineering
TORCH Ivory Assan Computational Media
Public Relations Laiyla Omitowoju PTF Engineering
Publications Jazmine Brite  Mechanical Engineering
Historian Tykeria West Industrial Engineering
LDR Chair Kerry Edwards Industrial Engineering
Telecommunications Toyin Shodiya Aerospace Engineering

2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Morgan Keitt says:

    I tried to email my resume to the address in the announcement but it bounced back. Is there anyone else I can send it to so that it is in by the December 31st deadline?

    Morgan Keitt

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