Internship Opening: Deloitte Consulting

Hi –

My name is Nikki Piver, and I am a 2009 Georgia Tech graduate now working as a Human Capital Analyst for the Human Capital practice at Deloitte Consulting.

The Business Technology Analyst Summer Scholar program provides individuals with the opportunity to address the most complex business problems through the most effective applications of technology.   The Human Capital Analyst Summer Scholar program offers individuals interested in management consulting the opportunity to address how people, organizational structures, and employee rewards and incentives impact business success.  All three analyst programs are ten weeks in length starting at the beginning of June. Candidates can apply to one of these programs.

I encourage all interested undergraduate/bachelor’s degree candidates (graduating no later than June 2012) to submit resumes through Career Buzz.  Please note the resume drop deadlines of the three programs:

  • Business Technology Analyst, January 13th
  • Human Capital Analyst, January 24th

For additional information, please reach out to me directly at or visit our Career Website: Click here.

Thank you very much for your interest, and I look forward to talking with anyone interested soon!


Nikki Piver


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